Everyone needs a website, yet so many people overlook headshots.

What good is a website without good personalized stock images of good headshots? No good.

What do you look at first when you go to a website? It’s probably the photos, and not so much the words. Images are massively impacting and can sell before your words do!

What is your business without YOU? You are doing your customers a disservice by not having an updated or clear headshot.

 When your customers come and see you, they are completely thrown off because that’s not what you look like now? Even if you are afraid of showing up, and being seen.

You are what makes your business special. Embrace it. If you have an outdated headshot, get it updated immediately!

Not sure what photos to get or what you need for an updated headshot? Maybe you’re scared of getting In front of the camera because you’re older now, or maybe you’ve gained weight. Does that stop you from meeting your clients in person? Probably not, so don’t let that prevent you from getting updated photos!!

Call today to get your FREE consultation! I can help walk you through the process so you don’t have to stress out about it at all!